This is this portable office of the Holy Land Spiritual Church. If you see it up, church business is being conducted and if you see it outside your building than someone in your building is being sought for an interview regarding current or past fundraising.

In Santa Monica and Los Angeles it is manned by Rev John Davis. Rev John Davis is a little different kind of a minister, he walks around with what is known as a private right of action against those people that made his religious writing disappear from an evidence room in NC and that makes him what is known as a private attorney general with the ability to file RICO Act cases against anyone involved with that theft from the evidence or anyone assisting those that were involved, including police officers.

As the books that were stolen in NC seem to have made there way out to Los Angeles CA though the Yorn family, one of which was in NC just before the theft and another being an entertainment lawyer in LA at Morris Yorn law firm, Kevin Yorn who was a Assistant District Attorney in LA County for 5 years has deep connections to both law enforcement as well as Allied Universal Security and its owner Steve Jones and his employee.

As you can imagine, they dont want the public to find out that they stuffed storylines into hundreds of movies from the copies of the books currenly in the evidence room in NC so they have hired people to chase me all over LA while i investigate them. Including into every restaurant i was eating at resulting in this picture after months of this going on.

s is what happens when rich people get desperate to not get found out. They were able to see where i was eating and staying via a hacked phone that began being hacked around 1992 when Bobby thompson showed up in the office of Lenny Stanley whose business partners were Lawerence Yorn and Mel Silverman begining in 1990. That is Kevin Yorn of Morris Yorn and Rick Yorns father and kevin yorns ex wife Julie yorns father.

This is Bobby Thompson, personal friend of George W Bush One of Kevin Yorns Clients is Ellen Degeneres, personal friend of George W Bush.