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In conjunction with the 501 c 6 Business League, Restaurant Buyers Club Society, Police Crimeline Magazine will be doing an in depth analysis of Brian Hamptons groups and their professional fundraiser, Outreach Calling Inc based in New Jersey and run by Damian Muziani and behind the scenes Mark Gelvan, formally of, Community Support Inc and All Pro Telemarketing who are currently registered to raise money across the country, including from hotels and restaurants in Washington DC at 90 percent of a donated dollar.

While our Magazine will be interviewing members of the military and affected hotels and restaurants to get their thoughts on this situation, our Super Pacs will be talking to the very same members of Congress that Brian Hamptons will be speaking with regarding his Veterans Bill of Rights that he has raised and spent millions of dollars to promote while his fundraiser’s were claiming their donations were going to support which we have on tape of them doing and will be playing for everyone on Capitol Hill he speaks with, including the House and Senate members and their staff where Police Crimeline Magazine goes.