What We Do

Advocate for Regulation of Law Enforcement Fundraisers

 The POLICE CRIMELINE  is a national advocate for regulating America’s Law Enforcement fundraisers.  POLICE CRIMELINE was formed in 2017 as a political nonprofit organization designated under  of IRS tax code section 527 but was not required to register till 2019   The POLICE CRIMELINE actively organizes support for law enforcement regulation by engaging citizens in  supporting and advocating for the political  and policies along with  political leaders that support enhanced regulation resources and funding at  the local, state and federal levels of government to eliminate the need for police unions to raise money on behalf of the families of fallen police officers. America’s law  enforcement officers are some of the best trained officers in the world,  however with the limited resources of local communities outside  professional solicitor training is severely limited.  the environment that police solicitors operate in is increasingly demanding, challenging and under intense  scrutiny.  Police solicitors deserve proper training and soundboard equipment as described and conceptualized in our 2005 book “The Fraud Happens In The First 8 Words” that went missing from a secure evidence room in New Hanover county NC. There is also  an increased need to inform the public about the issues facing law  enforcement solicitors.  Police Officers solicitors and Deputy Sheriffs solicitors need to be effectively  trained and reintroduced to the modern techniques and tactics of  officer survival and safety solicitors.  As well as advocate for the families of fallen police officers who by definition are no longer members of the police family as the officer member has lost their lives. They return to private citizen status and to often police unions and others raise money in their name and then use it to lobby congress for better pay and benefits.


 It is the GOAL of the Police Crimeline to be a political advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the welfare and safety of America’s Law Enforcement Officers families after they lost their officer member. Police Crimeline is an advocate for Law Enforcement Officers families of the fallen by raising awareness and  advocating that political leaders adopt policies that increase law  enforcement fundraiser access to technology and specialized training in street call survival and are equipped to effectively address issues of mental health  and professional, on the job protections


 The MISSION of the Police Crimeline as a grass roots political organization is to ensure that our Nation’s  Law Enforcement Officers solicitors have an advocate to ensure that they receive  adequate funding for proper training and soundboard equipment.   Educational  programs we support are designed to provide quality education and  training in an ever-changing environment and to provide the necessary  knowledge and skills to protect and serve the families of fallen officers  Police Crimeline will be a voice for Law Enforcement Officers on the national stage whether anyone likes it or not  It is important that our peace keepers families are given the Best in soundboard equipment and training that can be obtained.